Our math curriculum focuses on the beauty and logic in mathematics. Students will evaluate data and form sound conclusions. Students will learn to compute functions by hand and through the use of a graphing calculator. They will develop and master skills necessary for the ACT and SAT. Our classes include real-life applications and allow for simplicity and clarity, engaging all types of learners. Sample course offerings: Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Statistics, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC.


This skills-based, hands-on curriculum fosters a deeper appreciation for the splendor and complexity of the world in which we live. Our students work in labs and in the classroom to engage in technology-aided data collection and analysis. Our curriculum emphasizes independent thinking and allows students to delve into both theoretical and applied science. Sample course offerings: Biology, Engineering, Chemistry, Forensics, Physics, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Nutrition, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science.


Social Studies provides students with the opportunity to think critically and analyze the ethical decisions that leaders, societies, and generations have made. People make choices and choices make history. We will evaluate those choices to become more informed and thoughtful citizens. Students learn to write persuasively and express their opinions in a cogent manner using primary and secondary sources. Sample course offerings: Global History I, Global History II, American History I, American History II, Political Science and Government, AP Political Science, AP U.S. History, AP European History, AP World History, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, American Judicial System, Business Law.


Our physical education program encourages our girls to develop a lifelong commitment to healthy fitness habits, sportsmanship, and positive body image. Our ninth-grade students can elect to take Yoga, Zumba, Core Fitness, Tabata, Spinning and/or Dance.


Language Arts courses are based on the premise that reading is a source of continuous growth and knowledge, enabling intellectual progress across the spectrum. The girls develop the tools to express their ideas in analytical papers and creative pieces. Sample course offerings: World Literature, British Literature, American Literature, Shakespeare Theatre, The Art of Writing, Children’s Literature, Public Speaking, Journalism, AP English, Women in Literature.


Throughout their four years at YSZ High School, our students will gain skills and tools for learning and living the rest of their lives. We will help guide each student, in partnership with her parents, in planning for her post-high school education. We will encourage all our students to continue their education beyond high school. Our mechanchot will work closely with our families to assist every girl in finding, choosing, and applying to the programs most academically and hashkafically appropriate for her.


Communicating in a foreign language provides students with a broader cultural understanding of New York and our world. Sample course offerings: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Hebrew, American Sign Language.


At YSZ, we believe that every student can find her artistic and creative flair. Our courses challenge students to discover their inner creativity while providing them with the tools and vocabulary to develop and appreciate art across all media. The Studio Art elective is available to all qualifying freshmen and enables students to dedicate four periods of art a week to cultivate her talent and passion for art and design. Sample course offerings: Intro to Visual Arts, Drawing & Painting, Sculpture & 3D Design, Photography, Graphic Design, AP Studio Art, AP Art History, Fashion Design, Interior Design. Sample course offerings: Intro to Visual Arts, Drawing & Painting, Sculpture & 3D Design, Photography, iMovie & Film Production, Graphic Design, AP Studio Art, AP Art History, Fashion Design, Interior Design


Our communications class encourages students to think and reflect about the different ways we express ourselves. Topics range from email and text etiquette, body language, and positive ambassadorship to public speaking, persuasive writing, divrei Torah and more.