As an innovative, student centered, Sephardic Girls High School, our mission is to:


our students to live as proud, passionate, and deeply-committed Jewish women


our students to think and be curious, lifelong learners; and


our students to develop their character, become the best version of themselves, and live a life dedicated to family, community, and purpose.


We value learning

We engage in innovative, research-driven education. We seek creative, new ideas and continue to refine and improve.

We promote student thinking

We believe that the student-centered model drives critical thinking, inquiry and discovery and will give them the tools to advance their future. We encourage reflective conversations, build confidence and responsibility and foster student empowerment.

We educate from head to heart

We deliver a rich program driven by essential questions and enduring understandings, which promotes character development and student strengths. We combine a well-rounded social and emotional curriculum with robust curricular and co-curricular programs to help our students thrive.

We believe that students learn best in a warm, encouraging, and safe environment

Our faculty builds lasting connections and respects each student as an individual.

We instill a love and pride for Judaism

We strive to infuse student life with Emunah, Kedushah, Tzniut, Ahavat Hashem and Yirat Shamayim. It is our goal to help each student find her unique mission and purpose so that -she can contribute to her family and Am Yisrael.

We celebrate our heritage

Our hashkafot are rooted in Sephardic tradition, guided by our Daat Torah and our mesorah.